Is it time to call an exterminator?

Summer is known to bring more insects and pests into the home. And while everyone has a tolerance of what they can endure, an increase in cockroaches, flees or other mites may push you over the edge.


How do you know it’s time to give your local pest controller a call?

Ants and cockroaches

An ant or cockroach infestation can happen quickly – especially with warmer conditions. Whether they are hiding out in the back of your cupboards, up in your ceiling or under your pot plants, these pests are easily exterminated with the proper treatments.

German cockroaches can spread bacterial diseases and, like any other insect, will leave moults and faeces where it lives.  


If you see a rodent or hear scratching noises in your walls, it is definitely time to bring in some help. Rats can create nests behind your fridges (or other warm appliances), under your house, in your roof and in your couches or beds.


Termites are scary but with proper annual inspections you can stay ahead of any infestations. Ask your pest controller to check the frame of your house, in the roof as well as any surrounding fences and other wood or trees nearby. Termites can do a log of damage in a very short period of time.

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