About 8 years ago, Multiplex purchased over 38,000 square meters of land to develop a $265 million Australian dollar project which has now become popular as Little Bay. Although the name might say “little”, there’s a whole lot about this big bright place that has drawn in property hunters and tourists alike. With close to a thousand different sights to see and things to experience, Little Bay is definitely an ideal location in the heart of Australia that you should be sure to visit the next time you come around.

Living in Little Bay

If you’re a property hunter looking for a swanky new apartment to call home, Little Bay might just be the ideal place for you. When Multiplex bought the project, they set out to build around 220 different dwellings and apartment complexes featuring the latest designs and styles by the trendiest designers and architects. The result? Thousands of luxury apartments and properties guaranteed to make any property hunter stay for good. This is the reason why Little Bay has become so popular throughout the years as the ideal place for buying a new space, but there’s a lot more to this location than just the homes and apartments it offers.

Life in Little Bay

It’s one thing to dwell in a beautiful, sophisticated, and classy top-notch property and another thing to enjoy the community and neighbourhood it sits in. The developers behind Little Bay knew how the convenience and comfort of the neighbourhood would affect the community’s satisfaction, which is why aside from thousands of amazing properties that are up for grabs, Little Bay has also become a thriving location for local businesses and brands to thrive and offer their wares and services to the local community. There’s a lot more to do at Little Bay than just hang around your apartment, and with so many convenient shopping options in and around the location, you might just be out of your front door every day. If you’re not in a shopping mood, then a stroll through one of the many nature parks might just be the perfect choice for you. Whatever it is you want to do with your time, you can be sure to find it in the heart of this glistening metropolis.

To make things even more enjoyable, locals and tourists can wine, dine, and rub elbows with familiar faces at local restaurants where they serve up some of the most delicious dishes in Australia. With unique dining options like Little Lily’s Café, Zenetti’s Pizza Bar, Litte Hutong, and so many others, you can be sure that there will always be something new to try every day.

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