Once you have made the deposit, procured a home loan and have moved into your new home, you will soon realise the costs of upkeep. Besides the property taxes, water and energy bills, the repairs or the upgrades, the general upkeep or maintenance will also cause a dent in your wallet.

The cost of maintenance of a property depends on many factors. The total size, the available space, the type of property it is, the fixtures spread across the indoor living spaces and outdoors, the gardens and landscaping demands along with all the utilitarian installations, from the roof to the driveway.

Aussies love gardens, landscaped surroundings, lawns, sprawling living spaces, well decked kitchens and resourcefully decorated indoors. The more you indulge in, the higher would be your maintenance cost. Hence, if you want a low maintenance home, you need to have a firm checklist that will do away with the staggering expenses.


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