What Is There To Love About Rosebery!

Every major city in the world has some loved places, neglected areas, some hidden gems and some rather hyped up addresses. Sydney is no different. While there is no dearth of some amazing places in and around Sydney, there are quite a few that one would have wanted to wish away. Some of those places had their place primarily due to the utilities or the purposes they served but they were never really looked forward to. One such place was Rosebery.

Located within a ten minutes drive from the central business district of Sydney, Rosebery was a very descript inner city suburb which was primarily an industrial area and you would perhaps get your car repaired or pay a visit to one of the factory outlets. Anything else was unimaginable in the suburb. So hiring a property manager in Rosebery or even thinking about investing in a property was unthinkable. All that has changed now with Rosebery having transformed and reinvented itself!

A quick drive by and you wouldn’t spot the warehouses and repairers. Instead, you would find some slick bars, hipster cafes and designer bakeries. You would also notice busy restaurants and some destinations for high end shopping. Rosebery is now a cool place to be, whether for business or to live. It has also become the subject of renewed business interest.

So, what is there to love about Rosebery, other than the nifty transformation and the rather chic setting that it sports today?

At a time when there’s a housing crisis and an unchecked inflation in the Sydney real estate market, Rosebery and a few other suburbs are a leash of relief.

Today Rosebery, Zetland, Waterloo and surrounds are some of the most highly developed suburbs in the Easter Suburbs of Sydney. The team at Your Next Move Real Estate are area experts. Our Principal is a local resident of over 7 years.

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