You can debate who is the cuter of the two, Manu Feildel or Pete Evans. You may also argue who is the better chef. But what you cannot dispute is the choices these celebrity chefs and television personalities make when it comes to their homes.

Manu Feildel has recently purchased a house in Maroubra for $1.9 million. The My Kitchen Rules judge and co-host had got married last year, became a father early this year and soon after the sixth season of the reality series, he was spotted at various places in Maroubra. Speculation was rife that he might be house hunting, which became pretty certain when he and his wife Clarissa Weerasena​ were seen with buyer’s agent Simon Cohen.

Now that the news is out, we know for certain that the native of France, trained as a chef in England and living in Australia presently, has converted an erstwhile Maroubra semi that had two bedrooms, separate dining and living areas into a two storey five bedroom home. The property is located just around the corner from Snape Park and sprawls a more than sufficient 304 sq meters. Someone it seems is ready to raise a family in the beachside suburb of Sydney.

While some of the neighbors are excited and Maroubra indeed gets a celebrity resident, this brings to light the increased interest in the quaint suburb of Sydney. Maroubra is an amazing place to raise a family. There are more than enough schools, transportation has never been a concern really and there are ample things to do without taking a hiatus from work. Families living in and around Maroubra have plenty of attractions and recreations around them and it is not just the beach, the surf and the sun thus paving the ground for outdoor activities. There’s the Mahon Pool, the Jack Vanny Memorial Park, Maroubra Beach Skate Park, Heffron Park, the Maroubra Beach obviously, Arthur Byrne Reserve, Wylies Baths, Le Perouse Museum and the grand Ritz.

Maroubra is not only becoming a popular choice for families, it is also experiencing renewed interest among commercial property owners. No wonder then the scene of property management in Maroubra has received a substantial boost.

As Sydney gets more clogged up and amidst the rising demands of new residential and commercial or mixed destinations, Maroubra is surely vying for a large pie of the shift.

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