Moving details that you shouldn’t forget

Packing is normally the first thing you think of when its time to move – but there’s much more than you need to take into account when changing your address.

Of course, every move is different so each circumstance will vary. There could be legal considerations that you need to sort out – an example is if you are still bound by your lease agreement.

Here are a few common details that are often overlooked when moving.

Is your move covered by insurance?

So you’ve decided on a moving company – but are your goods covered by insurance? Be sure to read through all documentation provided by the moving company to see what is covered and what is not.

Notify relevant parties of your move

Don’t forget to let all of your creditors, your bank and any other relevant parties about your move. Also, be sure to leave a forwarding address to your new home address so that you don’t miss any payments or important notices.

Transfer or disconnect utilities

You will need to transfer or cancel any utilities and services. These include water, electricity, gas, newspaper delivery, telephone lines.

Moving is fun and exciting! But a lot can be forgotten – Top tip:  make a list before starting your big move and keep track of any loose ends that you will need to sort out prior to moving day!

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