Now that you’ve secured your new property and you’ve sold the one you’re currently living in, it’s time to make the move. Glancing around your space, you might feel a little overwhelmed at how much you have in your possession.

It’s probably only now that you’ve come to realize just what kind of work you have lined up for you. Moving isn’t easy and packing all those things might just seem like too much to handle, but with the right strategies, you can make the move a whole lot easier.

Tips and tricks on packing

  1. Take it One Room at a Time – Running from the bedroom, to the living room, to the kitchen, to the bathroom, and whatever other space you might have in your house can be very confusing and tiring. When you start to pack your things, you should move through your house in a strategic pattern. Cover all of the rooms towards the back of the house first and take it one room at a time. You’ll be able to clear more areas faster this way.
  2. Think Before You Pack – Do you really want to keep all of the kitchen items with cleaning materials or bathroom things? Are you sure the pillows and blankets would go best with dusty old decorations? When you place things in boxes, make sure you store them together strategically in such a way that will make it easier for you when you unpack. Keeping things that will be kept in separate rooms at your new space could have you zipping across the house over and over again.
  3. Keep Essentials in a Separate Bag – When you get to your new house, you will want to shower, freshen up, get dressed, and maybe rest for a few hours before you start to unpack everything else. Make sure you have the essentials at the ready for those few moments of rest so you won’t have to go diving in boxes of things just looking for a change of clothes.
  4. Labels are Your Friend – Boxes tend to have a generic look to them regardless of how their sizes might vary. It’s important that you label the boxes you have so you can better identify what needs to be taken out sooner. This is particularly ideal if you intend to use some of the things you bring along with your right away, like plates, spoons, forks, and blankets.

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