Have you had your eye on that apartment, saved a deposit and organised your finances? Before buying your dream apartment, here are some key questions that you should ask your real estate agent!

What type of growth is expected in the local neighbourhood? What is the market trend and what types of buyers are investing in the area and in the apartment block – these are all great questions to know and understand when considering the longevity of your property investment. Can you still see yourself staying in the apartment block 5 years from now?

Apartments come with levies for the shared facilities. It is important to consider the cost of levies as well as any special levies you may be liable for in the future. Shared facilities may include a shared pool, gym or common areas that all tenants can make use of.

Many buyers forget to ask this important question. Where will you be able to park? Is it one bay or two, will it be convenient to have guests over. Secure allocated parking is important for many buyers – have you considered this when viewing apartments?

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