Safety Tips: Securing your home!

Generally, advice is to be proactively safe and have sufficient security measures to protect your home and your valuables from theft, robbery or burglary. Don’t wait for an attempted robbery or a break-in to develop a security strategy. You should have adequate safety measures in place as you move into a new home. Here are some safety tips that can help you to secure your family, home and your assets.

  • Always opt for good quality locks and make sure every entry or possible entry point is locked. Don’t leave doors or windows open. Even if you are just around the neighbourhood, make sure you lock your doors and windows. Thieves look out for the tiniest opportunity. Those who have the habit of keeping their doors and windows unlocked will be marked. They become easy victims.
  • You should opt for good quality doors and windows. Try to get grilles on your windows. Opt for premium quality locks and bolts. Ideally, you should have more than one locking mechanism in your main door. Do not keep damaged doors and windows as they can be easily picked, opened or removed. 
  • Make sure your property and its immediate surroundings do not provide any kind of cover for thieves or trespassers to hide. Bushes, dark spots and any kind of large appliance that can provide cover will make it an ideal refuge for thieves. They can wait there and look for the most opportune moment.
  • You must figure out the weak spots in your home or around and monitor them. Sheds, backyard, garage, driveway if it is not well lit, lawns or gardens and any kind of space that can provide refuge or be vulnerable to picking must be well monitored.
  • You must invest in a reliable alarm system and have security systems that you can afford. From real time surveillance to motion sensors, door alarms to touch sensors at crucial installations, you can consider state of the art security systems that you can afford.
  • Always ensure that your keys are safe and have not been duplicated. Don’t lose keys and if you do then rekey the locks or get new locks. Don’t share keys with anyone and everyone. If you have shared them with contractors, then have them changed after the project is completed.
  • Keep your assets in a safe. Do not keep valuables lying around or unprotected. Don’t showcase your assets or valuables. No one must get to know the kind of value of possessions you have in your home.
  • Try to develop friendly relations with your neighbours. A community that looks after one another is seldom the target of thieves or robbers.

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