Simple guide to being a great neighbour

Have you taken time to create a relationship with your neighbours – you know, those people who live around you? While you haven’t necessarily chosen who your neighbours are, they are apart of the community, building or neighbourhood that you’ve chosen to live in.

Not sure how to get started in creating a friendship with your next-door neighbour? Here are some great ways to get a conversation started!

Introduce yourself

Don’t be a stranger – many people seem to avoid each other nowadays and forget to introduce themselves. Talk to your neighbours and get to know them.

Good gestures go a long way

Small gestures really can go a long way in building a good relationship with your neighbour – simple things such as clearing your neighbour’s footpath and nature strip if you are clearing yours, or perhaps sharing a good vegetable harvest if you’ve had one.

Respecting boundaries

Be sure to call or message your neighbour if you plan to visit, and don’t allow your children or pets to roam into your neighbour’s property without permission.

Keep loud volume down

Living in close proximity means that your neighbours will probably hear your loud music – the biggest neighbourly complaint.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a big party – just be sure to let your neighbours know ahead of time and turn down the music at a respectable time.

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