Spring cleaning tips for your home and garden!

Spring brings new life to our gardens, better weather and for many, a new lease on life! Spring is the best time to do a spring clean of your home!

Besides a deep clean including a declutter around the home and garden, here are some other things for a meaningful spring clean:

Take a thorough look around

There are probably things that no longer serve you or that you are no longer using. Separate these out and consider donating them.

Start recycling

Recycling is surprisingly easy to make part of your regular household process. Set up some recycling bins beside your normal garbage can and separate your trash as you throw it out.

Compost and grow

Waste from fruits and vegetables, egg shells and even coffee grounds can be composted – set up a bin outside for the organic matter to decompose it – as it decomposes, mix with your garden soil to enrich it.

Repurpose where you can

Repurposing items offers them a new lease on life – and you the opportunity to create something you love. Perhaps you have furniture that can be repurposed for around your home, or you've bought something packaged in glass jars.

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