Staging – everything you need to know

While it may have been the thing to sell homes vacant – or with tenants in them – it’s definitely all about staging today.

Staging – or furniture styling – is a trend that has picked up over the past 10 years. Buyers have higher expectations than they did in the past, and home staging helps to properly showcase your home.

While staging does cost additional money when selling – costs range from $2000 all the way to $10000 or more – these costs all depend on how much space you have to stage and the type of buyer you will be speaking to. Staging should sit hand in hand with marketing costs, and many agree that you aim to make more if your home has been properly staged.

But is home staging for you? Stylists will work with you to best stage your home - this could perhaps mean a partly staged home if your home is already well presented or a full overhaul. Furniture and other staging items are left in your home for as long as the staging contract lasts – this could be anything from five to eight weeks. If your property doesn’t sell in that time, the items are rented for an additional fee week-by-week. This could be different between staging agents – so be sure to double check your contract before signing!

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