Every investor, property owner and homeowner has three objectives while selling a house. The first objective is, of course, to sell the property, the second is to do so at a favourable or rewarding price and the third is to close the sale quickly. The longer a property stays listed and the prospective sale just drags on, the more complicated it gets to actually sell the property.

To sell a home quickly, easily and at a value that rewards your investment, you must have a successful campaign. Here are the ingredients of a successful campaign. Follow these steps and you should do well.

Hire the Right Agent

There is no dearth of real estate agents but you must choose one who would be ideal for you. Consider those who are at the peak of their game, those who have sold many properties in the last few months or in a year, local expertise is nonnegotiable, the specialization of the agent in the type of property you own is imperative and you should be able to comfortably converse with the agent, discuss your objectives and conveying your priorities should lead the agent to prioritize the same. You can focus on references or you can trust your instinct. No matter what you do, have enough choices, interview more than two or three real estate agents and hire the one who seems the best bet for your campaign. Don’t opt for old school agents who don’t have any contemporary marketing experience. Don’t go for an agent who deals solely online and has no physical presence.

Property Inspection

Unless you specialize in building codes and construction or architecture, you are unlikely to know everything that is right or wrong about your home. Get a professional property inspection done even before you try to figure out a price. You can get your real estate agent to get this done. A buyer would anyway get a property inspection done and if you have one to present then you would not only impress prospective buyers but also get to choose the right price. Property inspection followed by an evaluation is the ideal way to price a house.

Property Marketing

This is the domain of your real estate agent. Once you hire one, you must not be burdened with the online ads, listings, search engine and social media engagement or any kind of marketing demands for that matter. The only thing you should take a call on is disclosing the price. Would you pose a fixed price, a flexible price which would be a range or you would present no price to spike up the interest?

Once you have prospective homebuyers, it all boils down to staging the property and smart negotiations.

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