Space and storage are vital in any home - here are a couple of tips to maximise the storage capacity of your home today.

Get a bed with storage space

Beds and bed frames can take up a large proportion of the space in any bedroom - so why waste all that space! Don’t lose that valuable space to a less than functional bedframe - consider purchasing a bed frame with built in storage or with space underneath to add your own storage boxes. Other ways to add storage in and around your bed is with a headboard with built in shelving. 

Add hooks to the back of your doors

Hooks behind doors are a great way to hang up bags and coats that would otherwise be lying around cluttering your space. A simple and quick way to free up valuable space in your home!

Shelf above the door

Another easy and quick way to add a bit of extra storage space is by adding a shelf above a door frame. This sneaky trick can give you oodles of extra space without getting in the way!

Baskets or lockers by the door

Getting your kids to help in the decluttering efforts is another win - make this a successful storage hack by assigning lockers or baskets to each child. They can use these baskets to put their items in to later take to their own bedrooms.

Regularly declutter what you’ve stored

Storing your possessions is only half of the battle for space - consider regularly reviewing what you’ve decided to store and keep. This offers you the opportunity to either donate, sell or throw away items that are taking up valuable space in your home.

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