Take the stress out of your next move

Moving is exciting, the start of a new adventure, but it is also very stressful – but it doesn’t need to be. With proper planning and some help, your next move can be smoother and less stressful.

Here are our tips to take the stress out of your next move!

Throw out or donate things you no longer use or need

First off, take a hard look at what you have in your home. You will most probably find a lot of things that you no longer need. Take this opportunity to create three separate piles of items that you need to throw away, donate and keep – this will help you get organised before you start packing.

Get organised and start planning

Planning will help you avoid last minute arrangements. Make a list of things you need to sort out, such as cancelling any services or updating your mailing address. Other things you can start organising and planning for in the lead up to packing include collecting packing supplies and arranging a moving company. Lastly, create a list of items that you will immediately need in your new home – things that you can make sure are easily accessible. These could include a set of cutlery for the first meal, or a pair of scissors to help you unpack.

Consider what packing supplies you will need

Well planned packing is a strategic process! By planning what types of boxes you need or how many boxes per room will be required will reduce your stress load. Consider using smaller boxes for heavier items, larger boxes for lighter items and bubble wrap for fragile items. Also be sure to label each box with their contents and the room that they come from.

Help is always essential!

From a moving company through to having your friends and family help out with your move, having help is essential to making a move successful.

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