These spaces sell a home

Presentation is key to increasing a selling price of a home – more buyers will want to see houses that look more attractive on their listing. When selling, most agents will recommend that you make your property look its best – but which rooms and spaces should you focus on?

The entry area or foyer

This is the first room that people walk into when entering your home – first impressions are key to shaping buyers initial perceptions. Clear out the clutter and hang some attractive and welcoming artwork – small changes that can help in making your home more inviting.

The living room

The main space that people congregate is a great way to showcase the potential your home has in entertaining visitors or guests. Furniture should be placed so that you are able to freely walk around – rather remove pieces that are too large for the space and declutter shelves.

The kitchen

The kitchen is another essential area that needs to be considered. Kitchens are used throughout the day, and many buyers are looking for a space that will meet their needs. Showcase appliances and features through careful styling, consider decluttering cupboards and shelves. Countertops often gather clutter that can make your kitchen feel smaller.

Buyers will ultimately make a decision on a property regardless of how your home is presented, however, it doesn’t hurt to present your home so that it appeals to as many buyers as possible.

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