Things around your home to tackle today

There are always tasks and jobs around your home that need to be done - but by breaking down your household jobs into weekly or monthly projects the workload will seem more manageable.

Here are a few jobs that you can tackle today on your own – without the help of a professional.

Clear the clutter at your entrance

Entrance hallways are the gateways to the rest of your home – but they are also often a dumping area. Clear the clutter and put away those bags, shoes, mail and other items that have their place elsewhere in your home. Another great task to tackle is to find storage ideas for your entrance hallway. Create structure by adding storage bins, coat hooks and key baskets.

Deep clean your flooring

Hardwood floors need more than just a regular mop – and carpets need more than a vacuum. Give your flooring a good deep clean.

Organise your laundry

It’s always a good time to get your laundry space under control – it’s often a space that is left to last. When last did you give your laundry the once over? Storage is the foundation of an organised laundry.

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