As a buyer it’s exciting to inspect a property as your potential new home – and it’s easy to be seduced by the décor or lighting.

Here are a few key things to look out for when at an open inspection

Start from the outside

From the condition of the gates and fences to any outbuildings and weatherboards. It’s very important to look beyond the inside décor and inspect the outside for any cracks or holes.

Have a look at the light source

The direction of the sun plays an important part in the feel of a home. Check out the orientation of the home – ideally, it should be north or east facing to bring light into the house.

Consider the floorplan

A floor plan with the living area separated from the bedrooms may be more functional to you and your family. Other functional aspects could be number and placements of bathrooms.

Ask questions

It's important to ask the agent any questions that you may have – about the property, price expectations, reason for the sale and local area.

Schedule a repeat viewing

If you like the property, then its important to set up a time for a second viewing. Visiting at another time will let you see the house in different conditions.

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