Things to try when showcasing your bathroom

Bathrooms are seen as one of the most important rooms in the house to potential buyers – from the type of fixtures to the overall feeling and cleanliness. It’s important to make your bathrooms feel and look appealing for inspections.

Here are a few tips to make your bathroom more appealing and ready for those house inspections:

Clear the clutter

Bathrooms are often quickly filled with personal clutter – this is a big turn off to potential buyers. It can indicate a lack of storage to buyers – clear the clutter and even look at if you can add additional storage solutions.

Give your bathroom a proper spring clean

Blinds, curtains and the tops of cupboards can collect dust and grime over time, these areas are also often overlooked during normal cleans – be sure to give your bathroom a good clean.

Fix any leaks

Dripping taps and leaky toilets are wasteful but can also lead a potential buyer to question other maintenance issues around the house.

Update any old or rusty fixtures

Old or rusty fixtures can give the wrong impression and may create red flags in the buyers' minds – especially if your house is older. Update your taps, handles, hooks or towel rail fixtures to something more modern.

Add mirrors

Mirrors are great at opening up small spaces – choose a mirror that will suit the rest of your home’s style.

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