Tips for creating a low-maintenance home

Reducing the maintenance of your home saves time and money – if you are building a new home or are just looking for some tips to make your home more efficient, then these tips may just help.

Simplify your design

Simplifying your design elements will help reduce your maintenance load later on. Downlights, for instance, won’t require dusting. In the bathroom, floating toilets and cabinetry is another way to cut your cleaning time down.

Storage and decluttering

Having enough storage is key to keeping your house decluttered and clear. The fewer knick-knacks around will lead to less time needed to dust and organise.

Choose surfaces that are easy-to-clean

From benchtops to floors, surfaces offer a key point of design where you can select low maintenance options. For the floors, tiles and wooden floors are easier to maintain than carpets.

Durable materials for longevity

Quality fixtures and finishes will cost you more upfront, but spending more on more durable materials will save you money on maintenance costs in the long term. Stone and wood, for instance, often get better as they age.

Create low maintenance gardens

Plants that are suited to your local climate and soil type demand less maintenance and tend to be more robust. Pavers and gravel is another great way to cut down maintenance – or if you prefer the grass look, then  you could perhaps consider artificial lawn.

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