Tips for smarter downscaling

There are many different reasons to downsize your home – but the most common reason is to downscale just before retirement. Downscaling or downsizing your home normally comes with financial gain – if you are smart and avoid these common downfalls.

Not calculating your total number of moves

Property is a long term investment – if you aren’t properly thinking out your longer-term plan then you may not be giving yourself enough time. Is your next move a simple downscale into a smaller space or are you ready for a retirement lifestyle?

Waiting for the right price

It’s a big decision to downscale – often it’s an emotional one. However, it’s important to not be emotionally invested in getting your price – years could go by before you get an offer close to that. Rather call a local expert in to evaluate your property.

Not decluttering before you go to market

Let’s face it – if you are in a bigger house, then you are probably housing personal clutter. The time to de-clutter and de-personalise your home is before you sell.

Keeping your furniture

Your new downsized home will probably have smaller living areas with smaller proportions. While planning your move, consider the furniture you will be keeping and the furniture that you will need to lose. Bulk furniture will make your downscaled home feel even smaller – smaller homes don’t need to equal cramped living.

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