Tips to create a seamless indoor-outdoor living space

Don’t you just love being outdoors? Many Australians have mastered the art of indoor-outdoor living. Indoor-outdoor living is about appreciating and enjoying the seamless integration between your indoor living space and your outdoor living space. From your furniture choices through to your lighting, there are many great tips that you can follow when creating a seamless living space, here are a few:

Creating a seamless walkway from in to out

A seamless transition is the first step in creating an indoor-outdoor living space. A large doorway from your living room space to the outdoor area is a great way to welcome the outside in, other ways you can achieve an illusion of more space is to open up other rooms of your home to the outdoors.

Consider the elements

Rain can be a concern to many for indoor-outdoor spaces. For outdoor spaces, there are many ways to combat this. These include operable louvred panels, retractable panels or even glass panels – still allowing natural light in, without letting the rain through.


Skylights are an excellent way to bring natural light into dark spaces of your home. Large spaces of natural light shining into internal spaces create an outdoor and airy feeling indoors.

Bring in a few water features

Water features bring in serenity and relaxation, from indoor to outdoor living spaces, water features – including swimming pools.

Using the same materials between indoor and outdoor spaces

Using the same mood, feeling and materials in both your indoor and outdoor living spaces can help create the illusion of seamlessness. Think about using the same stone wall cladding, concrete panels or floor tiles to achieve this.

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