Tips to determine a serious buyer

Not all prospective buyers are the same – from buyers who express their undying love for the property to those who are there to point out all the flaws, how can you determine who is a serious buyer and who is just window shopping?

Your agent should have a sixth sense in determining the serious buyers from the not-so-serious ones, but here are a few tips on how to determine it for yourself.

Work out what type of buyer they are

Is the buyer an investor or someone who will own and occupy your house? This will help in providing the best and most relevant information to them about the property. Other key questions to ask include how long they have been looking – this will help you determine if they are at the start of their journey or not (how likely they are to act quickly).

Determine how genuine any declarations of love are

Unfortunately, any buyer can fall in love with your property – these declarations of love won’t determine if they are serious or not. Buyers who are asking the difficult questions are generally the ones that are seriously considering the purchase.

Financial standing

Is your prospective buyer ready financially? Have they been prequalified – and have you asked? A buyer who has already secured and organised their finance is more serious – they are ready to buy.

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