Why you should have a property manager if you are an investor

As an investor, tenants can be taxing – but there is an easier solution. A property manager actually does a lot more than just advertising for new tenants. Ever wondered what else they do to make your life as a landlord easier?

Handling maintenance requests

Maintenance can be a headache – but your property manager will make maintenance a walk in the park. They also offer a neutral, third-party point of view – this is handy in the event of a tenant caused maintenance problem (vs. normal wear and tear of your property).

Your property manager will act as a buffer

It’s advantageous to have a property manager as a buffer between you as the landlord and your tenant. Your property manager will take on all the conversations and time-consuming admin that comes along with this.

Understanding rights and regulations

Your property manager will be up to date as well as familiar with regulations and processes. There are a lot of finer details with regards to the regulations governing tenancy agreements – your property manager is there to make sure that you, as well as your tenant, are on the right side of these.

Finding the right choice of tenants

Your property manager has access to tenancy databases – this allows them to find tenants with good rental histories as well as tenants who will be the right fit for your property.

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