Owning Pets Changes the Way You Look For Your Ideal Home – Find Out How

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20 December 2021

Every homebuyer is influenced by realities and aspirations. The realities influence their preferences and aspirations influence their vision for their homes. A dream home has no standard. A compact apartment or a studio can be a dream home for some. A detached townhouse could be the dream or a condo, a unique villa or a lakefront house with massive lawns. From the penthouses to the suburban homes, there is a plethora of choices out there. Among the considerations, pets figure prominently influencing buying decisions.

Families or homebuyers with pets will always factor in the additional space needed to accommodate the canines, felines or both. Right at the outset, one needs a larger living area. It could be one sprawling hall or segregated living spaces, perhaps one a living room in the traditional sense and one small area which could be a casual pad to hang out or for pets to find their own little space in the home. Some homeowners may even want a small room or a nice corner for pets to have their own private space. Naturally, these homebuyers will not consider properties that cannot cater to these needs.

Just as kids need additional rooms and a substantial square footage to play around, pets too need some space to wander and have some fun. This influences or rather compels homebuyers to look for lawns, gardens or backyards. Not the compact backyard or a front yard that has a bit of landscaping and grass but a substantially sized lawn where the family can have some fun, hang out, host a few people or just run around with the pets. This directly has an impact on needs and properties that don’t have a lawn or a yard will not interest such homebuyers.

Everything from the location to the size of the property, the choice of neighbourhood to how safe the place is for kids and pets will come under scrutiny for many homebuyers. Even those who don’t have pets or don’t intend to have pets may have this need emerge when they adopt a puppy. It is not uncommon for homebuyers, especially couples to think of having kids after they have purchased a home and that is when they realise what they should have had in the house but they did not. This leads them to think of selling the house and buying a more suitable property. Being aware of such a possibility, more homebuyers are today trying to play it safe by ticking all the checkboxes, just so they don’t have to ponder later.

Have pets and are house hunting – be sure to tell your real estate agent so that they can help you find the ideal property for your whole family!

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