Paid off Your Mortgage? What to Do Now?

YNM Real Estate
18 December 2021

There are three scenarios you can be in. You may have to keep paying your mortgage for several years before you can be free financially. Or you may have the money to pay off your mortgage sometime soon. Perhaps you may have already paid off the mortgage and now you wish to find out what you can do with that amount you can spare every month.

For many Australians, paying off the mortgage has become the number one priority. If owning a home has been the most important dream, then gaining full ownership and getting away from the steep monthly commitment is the most important challenge after purchasing a home. Let us imagine a scenario wherein you have saved enough money to pay off your mortgage. The best way forward is to pay off your mortgage and bolster your financial profile.

Sure, you can treat yourself a holiday or some luxury purchases and then you should think of using that fund to purchase something worthwhile. But why not think investment – more specifically, property investment. You can always invest in a new property, an investment property that will generate revenues in the form of rent.

Many Australians are pondering over various kinds of investments as they prepare to pay off their mortgage. Property remains the most lucrative investment vehicle. Very few investments would have as much returns and as assuredly as property. You can obviously choose the type of property you would prefer and limit your investment to what you are comfortable with.

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