Preparing a House for Rent

YNM Real Estate
18 December 2021

A house or apartment needs to be prepped prior to renting out. It should be prepped even before listing the property as available for rent. There are many approaches to preparing a house for rent. Here is a checklist you can use to simplify the whole process.

• Start with cleaning. The entire house should be cleaned. From the carpets and rugs, doors and windows, floors and walls, the ceilings and the roof, the bathrooms and kitchens, bedrooms and living spaces. You may want to disinfect the house. You should allow enough air and light so the house smells fresh. The house must not feel stale or worn down. It should ideally not look untidy. You should also clean flyscreens and garbage bins.

• The interiors and exteriors should be decked up. The driveway, patio and the façade must be pressure washed if suitable. You should opt for new paint if the old paint has worn out. You should attend to the lawn, the yard or whatever outdoor fixtures you have. The outside matters just as much as the interiors. Make your house look and feel more desirable to potential tenants.

• Fix everything that is broken. If there are chips in the wall, cracks in window frames, malfunctioning plumbing fixtures or leaking faucets, anything that needs to be repaired must be repaired or replaced. You may consider upgrading very old fixtures. This will not only reduce the vacancy rate but also allow you to get the rent you want. You can consider upgrading upholstery, drapes or curtains and any aesthetic attribute that is affordable.

• There are some amenities that houses must have in working condition. Such amenities include heating and cooling systems, phone, internet, security, smoke alarms, water heater, good water pressure and privacy. From quality blinds to proper fencing around the house, new locks and keys to any kind of security system that you may have or might want to have, all such amenities play a crucial role.

• Finally, think of fixtures that your property doesn’t have but should have. Consider replacing very old washing machines and dishwashers, check the countertop and if it needs resealing, you may want to get new carpets, you may want new backsplashes or perhaps green plumbing fixtures. You should assess the insulation, consider upgrading the light fixtures and any other amenity that you deem necessary or desirable for tenants.

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