Problems You Should Fix in Your Bathroom Today

YNM Real Estate
19 December 2021

It is often said that bathrooms and kitchens sell houses – so before you list your home, take a moment to find and fix these common bathroom problems!

  • Slow Drains

Clogged drains are generally easy to fix – but often these are overlooked. The only tell-tale sign is that your shower fills up with water while you are showering and fails to properly drain. Depending on the type of blockage or how far down it is, a plumber may be required but this is a great first start to getting your bathroom in tip-top shape.

  • Low Water Pressure

Few buyers will notice this – but it can be a frustrating problem to find. Low water pressure can be caused by a weak hot water system or calcium or rust in the shower head or pipers. Depending on the cause, a professional may be your best solution to fixing this hidden problem!

  • Mould

Black or green – mould will often be seen creeping into wet corners or ridges. Good ventilation and cleaning will help keep mould at bay. Mould is not something buyers want to see – it could be nothing major but it can mean that there is a more serious problem.

  • Leaky Taps

Besides wasting water, leaky taps can cause host of other problems. This is an easy fix and generally just needs a replacement washer to be installed – a fix that is in the scope of what a homeowner is allowed to fix.

  • A Running Toilet

Similar to the leaky tap, a toilet that is constantly running water is wasteful. The sound can be irritating but it does mean that either the flush valve washer is worn out or the ballcock waster isn’t shutting off properly. Both are easy to solve and should be fixed as soon as possible!

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