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17 December 2021

While most think of a big spring clean - specially reserved for spring time, autumn offers us a valuable and unique opportunity to get our spring clean started early! For many jobs around the house, autumn is actually the perfect time to tackle them. Here are a few that you should add to your clean up list this autumn.

Get winter ready

The last of the warmer weather is the perfect time to get out your winter clothes and get them washed, aired and organised. It’s also the ideal time to start preparing your home to become a little winter retreat. Now is the time to find any windows that need to be repaired or any gaps that need to be filled to stop the cold air from getting into your home. It’s also a great time to get your air conditioning and heating units serviced or to take your heaters out of the cupboards and make sure they’re all in clean and working order before a cold snap hits!

Organise and tidy up

Autumn offers ideal weather to get stuck into some organising tasks. An organised and tidy home is one of the best ways to fight the winter blues - and now is the perfect time to get into it! Unpack messy areas and cupboards and sort between donation, rubbish and items to keep - you’ll soon thank yourself for being ahead of the game!

Get your windows cleaned

Light is the best remedy for when you feel cold and miserable. Take the opportunity in autumn to get your windows and skylights cleaned to let the light stream into your home.

Create a maintenance to do list

One of the things we focus on as property managers, is creating a maintenance requirement list outlining what needs to be done immediately as urgent and a list of maintenance items that can be left to be done over a longer period of time. This is a great approach to making sure that you keep up to date with your property maintenance requirements and keep your home looking in tip top shape!

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