Property Maintenance for the Upcoming Winter

YNM Real Estate
17 December 2021

Winter maintenance is important to maintaining the value of your property - miss it and you will likely be scrambling in spring to sort things out. A few simple things to check and you’ll be set.

Don’t be lulled into false security that winter is far off - winter is fast approaching, have you started making your maintenance checklist?

On top of any list - regardless of season is to check any smoke detectors and alarms. While home fires can happen at any time of the year, they are more likely to occur during winter from the increased use of heaters, electric blankets and other small appliances. A quick check of the smoke alarm can save lives should a fire break out.

With Sydney’s highest rainfall normally in June, it’s time to start tending to any gutters or drainage systems. These usually get blocked over the autumn months when most of the leaves fall. Blocked drains can cause water to back up into the house - potentially causing serious structural damage.

Another top priority should be checking your roof for any leaks - when last did you check the condition of your property’s roof? Be sure to check inside first for any discoloured areas of your ceiling or any tell tale signs of mould growth. If nothing seems obvious then it’s time to get onto your roof - we recommend bringing in the professionals. The source of leaks can be tricky to locate but regular maintenance can help curb any major issues from occurring.

Ensuring proper ventilation is key to curbing mould build up - and with winter bringing in the cold, many people often don’t properly ventilate their homes. Regular inspections conducted by your YNM property manager can help in ensuring your home is properly maintained by your tenants.

Lastly, winter offers the perfect opportunity to build a longer term plan of maintenance fixes that are needed. Do you need to install additional insulation, ventilation fans or even water drainage systems? Is your garden in need to spring clean in the upcoming weeks - or is it time to do a full paint of the exterior of your property? Now is the time to weed out the maintenance to-do’s and make them happen. If your property is rented, your property manager is already on it! With regularly scheduled inspections and a maintenance assessment report provided, you’re able to assess what’s needed and by when.

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