Rental Property Inspection Tips

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19 December 2021

A tenant enjoys reasonable privacy, peace and comfort at a rented property. A landlord has the right to inspect the property but doesn’t have the right to infringe on the privacy of the tenant. Adhering to this larger legal requisite, landlords or property managers must provide sufficient notice in writing to the tenant before conducting an inspection. If the notice is furnished and there is a valid reason or purpose, then the tenant must allow the landlord entry and the right to inspect the premises.

Let us first shed some light on when the landlord may and may not, can and cannot enter the property a tenant is occupying. If the tenant permits, then the landlord can enter any time. If the tenant doesn’t permit, the landlord can still enter without consent and without notice only if there is an emergency, some urgent repairs, if the property has been abandoned, if there is a ruling by the Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) and if the safety of the people in the rented property or security of the premises are in question.

  • A landlord can inspect a property and the premises four times a year, can be less but not more. The notice period required for such an inspection is at least seven days.
  • Ordinary repairs or maintenance can be carried out with a notice furnished two days prior to the date.
  • For any inspection pertaining to the security and safety of the premises, property and the tenants, such as installing any alarm or smoke detection systems, a notice should be furnished two days before.
  • Property valuations, which also includes an inspection, can be conducted only once in a year or twelve months upon furnishing a notice at least seven days in advance.
  • Landlords can bring in new prospective tenants to check out a property only fourteen days before the end of the existing tenancy agreement or the term.
  • There are exceptions in some cases. Urgent repairs or emergency scenarios don’t require any notice as such. If the landlord is trying to get in touch with the tenant, who is unavailable for some reason, then the notice periods are in a grey area. A tenant living abroad or who is not in the city and perhaps travelling may not be reachable so the landlord has the right to conduct scheduled or emergency inspections, repairs and maintenance.

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