Renter Friendly Ways to Save On Utilities

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17 December 2021

There are two ways to save on utilities. One way is to cut down your consumption and the other way is to switch to a better plan or provider. Either way, your objective is to save money and it doesn’t necessarily involve a compromise. The ideal way to save on utilities is to combine the two options. Opt for a better plan and also develop the best practices to cut down on consumption.

  • Begin by comparing available energy plans. Check the cost per unit or what you are paying for every kilowatt hour, check available plans from the same provider and check out other providers catering to your area. Assess the difference, study the reviews of consumers and then make an informed decision.
  • There are many appliances in an average home in Australia. Many of those are power guzzlers. They gorge on electricity. If some appliances are too old, you should get rid of them. The initial investment may discourage you but have the larger picture and the future savings in mind. From lights to an old washing machine, everything needs a review if you are paying too much on utilities.
  • Heating water accounts for a staggering part of your bill. You should consider alternatives or some smart way to save on that cost. You can consider a plan that has off-peak rates so you can save some money. Try to do with a little less heated water. A difference of four or five degrees wouldn’t affect your comfort but would certainly help you to cut down on your power consumption.
  • Try to switch to solar power. You may or may not want to switch completely. Having a combination is good enough. Renewable energy is the future and the sooner you switch, the more you would save. You may also switch to systems that get powered by natural gas. It is cheaper and has a lower carbon footprint.
  • Now, let us talk about the small but significant steps you can and should take. Don’t keep appliances on standby if they are not going to be used in a few minutes. The habit of having systems on standby may not pinch you in an hour or in a day but a whole month, half a year and a year will certainly make for a substantial expense that you can do without. Don’t have the whole property or even the whole room lit when you need a light for a small or limited space. Use major appliances smartly. From the microwave to the dishwasher, refrigerator or freezer to washing machine, all these appliances are power guzzlers. Use them optimally and don’t use them for less or more load.

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