Sell Your Home Today With These Top Tips

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20 December 2021

We’ve all heard it before – a real estate agent’s job isn’t easy. That’s because properties, whether for rent or for sale, are investments and buyers have learnt to become a lot more meticulous when it comes to shelling out their hard earned cash.

No one wants to jump into a purchase to buy something expensive if it doesn’t meet their personal standards. As property sellers, we should exercise every resource and strategy in order to get those fickle buyers interested in what we have to offer. Selling your home can be made easy if you follow these top tips to sell your home fast today!

  1. Declutter, Paint, Get those Lights Working – Who wants to see all of your boxes, belongings, and clutter scattered throughout your home? Add in peeling paint and broken lighting and you’ve got a dump! Unsightly collections of personal items, dirty walls, and non-functional fixtures can make it hard to appreciate the true beauty of a space. Remove any clutter, repaint your walls, and install new bulbs to bring out your home’s natural appeal.
  2. Stage the Exterior - In a market where properties for sale and rent is looming on every side, you want your property to be the hottest one available. Who would want to take a second look if they see that it would require repairs once they’ve bought it? Buyers want a property that won’t require them to shell out cash and will allow them to move-in at the soonest possible time. If your exterior looks like it’s in top condition, buyers will be more inclined to park their cars and walk in the door.
  3. The Kitchen and Bathroom Come First - What buyers want to see when they walk into a kitchen or bathroom is that it’s clean. Of course, these areas are the most susceptible to bacteria and germs – who wants to move into a house infested with pathogens from a previous owner? Clean your bathroom and kitchen thoroughly before you allow any guests to come in for viewing. Get in between tiles, get rid of that oily sticky feeling, and remove any stains that you can.
  4. The First Impression is the Only Impression - Home staging is an important process that should be done with complete care and thoughtful planning. The first impression is often the only impression, and if those potential buyers don’t like what they see the first time they see it, they’re not likely to come back.
  5. Advertise, Advertise, Advertise - One of the biggest difficulties property sellers face is how to get people to find out about their rental or sale. Of course, putting up a for sale or rent sign up on your yard could spread the word to some locals who pass by, but that will take quite some time. Explore other advertising options such as online platforms and publications to help you spread the word about your hot property.

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