Selling? Here Are Some Things to Keep an Eye On

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19 December 2021

Its really not difficult to understand what buyers will like, and dislike when viewing a home.

Many buyers are put off by grubby, cluttered homes with out of control gardens.

Other buyer alerts are evidence of dodgy home repairs, as well as a home where little maintenance has been done.

Dull and dingy rooms filled with oversized and/or badly positioned furniture are definite no-nos, as are bad smells – smells from pets, damp or cigarette smoke.

Any evidence of damp - damp patches on walls or ceilings and mould will frighten most buyers away.

Poor choice of colours in your home may also deter some buyers – particularly the use of too many strong and vivid colours which fight with each other as you move from room to room.

When thinking about putting your home on the market, it’s a good idea to take a walk around your home and critically review what you see from a potential buyer’s perspective. A few quick and easy remedies are available for most of the problems that you will pick up on, and these need not take you more than a couple of days.

Remove any clutter in your home (family photos, memorabilia, books and DVDs, animal bedding, toys etc) – this will allow prospective buyers to more easily get a feel for the size of the rooms and will make the rooms feel larger, more airy and appear to have more light. Outside the home check for and tidy away garden hoses, rubbish bins, bicycles and washing. Make sure that the garden is neat and tidy.

Clean your property thoroughly – both inside as well as outside. Ensure that there are no pet smells in the home – this can deter would-be buyers unnecessarily.

Ensure that your garden is tidy and well-trimmed with weed-free, well turned beds. Planting a few seasonal bedding plants can make all the difference to the kerb appeal of your home. If you have a courtyard or patio – a few well-placed pot plants which are green, healthy and well watered will enhance the appeal of this area of your home.

Attend to basic maintenance – go round your home and identify all of those basic maintenance jobs that need to be done. Leaking toilets, taps, grubby walls needing a coat of paint, loose handles on doors or cupboards and so on. Attend to worn/marked carpets and refresh any dirty grout in tiled areas.

In addition to helping to sell your home more quickly, attending to the items mentioned above will help to attract the best selling price. Well worth the trouble of a few days effort! If you feel that you need an outside opinion – your real estate agent is well placed to provide you with additional advice on how you can spruce up your home to attract buyers and maximise your selling price.

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