Selling? Here Are Some Things You Should Do to Get the Highest Selling Price!

YNM Real Estate
18 December 2021

Selling a house is often a standard procedure. There are well laid out procedures that most homeowners will try to abide by. Adhering to those steps doesn’t take away your right to plan a few strategies that will help you to get a better price. With just a few small updates, you can exponentially increase your property’s sale price.

Exterior areas are a good place to start, as these are the first things potential buyers will see as they view your property for the first time.

• Work on the fences or boundary walls, landscaping, lawns and outdoor lighting. Make sure the fences look to be in great condition and that the boundary walls seem secured, stable and aesthetically appealing. Just a bit of paint and maintenance or repairs would do the trick. Mow the lawns and ensure the landscape is well attended to. Make your landscape appear fresh with the help of water. Wooden decks, paved pathways, concrete driveways and grassy landscape will always look more impressive when you splash some water on them before you take the pictures.

• Consider painting the exteriors. Do not do so to hide any structural problems or obvious signs of damage. A good tip is to repair any walls before you paint. Do not have a house looking old or fractured from outside. The least you can do is repair all the obvious and unobvious damages in the property. As you paint the exteriors, don’t forget the interiors. There are many landlords who get a new paint in their rental properties before inviting a new tenant. This is the least homeowners can do while selling their properties.

• Consider upgrading the windows and doors - including their security. The doors and windows should be insulated, so should the walls. If you have doors and windows in relatively good condition, then perhaps polish them or apply a relevant treatment to make them more appealing.

• Consider new flooring, backsplashes, countertops, appliances, plumbing fixtures, repairs in bathrooms and toilets, internal light fixtures and outdoor lighting leading the pathway to the main door, ambient light and for security, roof repairs or at least a new weather shield, complete cleaning and disinfecting. You may not choose to do everything, but whatever is necessary, desirable or relevant and affordable will be sufficient.

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