Selling Your Home in Spring? Here’s How to Make It Stand Out!

YNM Real Estate
19 December 2021

Spring is the best time to sell your home. But it is also the most competitive time of the year. Most property owners eye spring just as most homebuyers look for their dream home at the time. You need to make your home stand out if you wish to gain some traction. And it is not just the first impression that counts...

You cannot do anything about the location of your property, you cannot make any changes that will violate the council regulations and you cannot spend a fortune. Here are some smart ways to make your home stand out.

  • Properties that have timber floors can be painted white to create that desirable first impression. By adding a new, fresh, contemporary look, you may just get buyers sweetened up to make an offer. This strategy really works if the floors are in poor condition and it is also a more affordable solution than some alternatives.
  • Consider upgrading the walls. Any wall that has marks or any kind of cracks, dents or debris will look very displeasing. Not only would they be unattractive but some walls will look outright unacceptable. Normal cleaning may not do the job. Opt for a new coat of paint if the marks are just cosmetic and not structural.
  • De-clutter your home and clean it thoroughly. Use pressure washing for the exteriors, driveways and even roofs if you want. Clean all nooks and corners, the appliances and fixtures if you plan to have them during a visit, clean plumbing fittings and make sure your house looks spotlessly clean.
  • You can stage a property with nothing in it or you can have it semi furnished. Having a fully furnished home is not ideal for staging as it doesn’t leave much room for imagination. If it clicks with a homebuyer or tenant, then you are lucky. But don’t leave it entirely to your fate. If you are marketing your home with your own furniture in it, consider a relook to ensure bulky items are put into storage – these tend to put buyers off as they do not properly showcase your floor space.
  • Focus on details and the overall ambience. Is the property well lit, are all the little fixtures here and there well kept, are there visible signs of damage or wearing out, is the property smelling good, is there a nice vibe? Ask these questions to yourself before inviting a homebuyer in.
  • Another top tip - Remember to keep your garden pruned and looking prestine. And don't be shy to bring fresh flowers into your home to spruce the ambience up a bit!

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