Selling Your Property? Here’s a Checklist for You!

YNM Real Estate
18 December 2021

There are plenty of steps you need to take before you can sell your property or even before you list your property for sale. You should have a checklist, things can get unpredictable and beyond control. You may miss out on several quintessential measures. Here are a few suggestions for your checklist that will guide you to selling your property.

• Begin with a thorough cleaning of the entire house. From the tiniest fixtures to the exteriors – first check - cleaning. Consider that some parts of your home need to be cleaned with pressure washing, like the driveway, exterior walls and roofs. As you clean the house, also de-clutter it. Take away anything that shouldn’t be there and leave behind every essential element that will aid your presentation.

• Let fresh air in. Do not rely on heating and cooling systems. Keep the doors and windows open for several hours every day as you clean the property. Let as much natural light in so there is a desirable freshness in the property. Shut off all the utilities, cancel all subscriptions and turn off all the valves of essential supplies. Let the property be as good as new.

• Before taking photos of your home (or getting your real estate agent to do so), walk around the house, inspect everything yourself, check the tiniest and the largest fixture, feel the ambience and then set things right if any is out of place.

• Hire a real estate agent, an evaluator and a property inspector. Have the property inspected to know if everything is in optimal condition. Get an ask price from the evaluator. Sit with your real estate agent and chalk out a marketing plan. Get the price right and you will get a buyer sooner. Have a property inspected and get an impeccable report to speed up the sale or to rationalise the price. Hire a real estate agent who is at the top of his or her game, has sold several houses in the last few months and would present realistic expectations.

• Use multiple mediums to promote your house, be dedicated, also allow the real estate agent a somewhat of a free hand to do their job. You should be able to sell a house quickly and at a desired price with all these steps.

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