Simple and Affordable Things to Instantly Improve the Health of Your Home

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17 December 2021

This past year has shaken things up - everyone has been impacted by the global pandemic, and a year later, almost 50% of Australians are now working from home. Homes have become our safe space - our office, our home and our at-home retreat. Whether you’re renting or not, these tips and tricks are quick and easy ways to instantly improve the health of your home.

Take your shoes off

A quick and easy way to instantly reduce the chemicals and bacteria entering your home, is to take your shoes off at the door. Opt for a shoe rack at your front door and make it a habit to take your shoes off as you enter your home.

Dust it off

Let’s chat dusting! It’s important to continuously clean your home to remove the dust - dusting with a wet cloth is the best way to remove the dust without circulating it back into the air you breathe. Another top tip is to invest in an air purifier.

Bring a bit of greenery into your home

We are sure you’ve noticed the trend of house plants? It’s for good reason! Indoor plants have many benefits including boosting your mood, helping to reduce stress and naturally cleaning your air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen.

Ditch the toxins

There are so many chemicals and cleaning products on the market which swear to disinfect and deep clean your home. Be mindful of all of the chemicals in your cleaning products and where possible, choose natural alternatives.

Remove mould

Mould thrives on damp - specifically found in badly ventilated bathrooms, mould can actually cause serious health issues. Mould is a problem in many homes but it can easily be cleaned and removed - and it’s easy to prevent! Make sure to properly ventilate your home by opening windows after showers and baths

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