Staging Tips – What Not to Do

YNM Real Estate
19 December 2021

There are some things you should definitely do and some steps that you may take while staging your home. Then there are some things that you should rather avoid. You ought to clean your home, de-clutter every room, go for a facelift if the appeal is not impressive enough – perhaps even also use some furniture to create appeal. Fixtures or artwork also make the property desirable. A good tip is to not have empty rooms or completely vacant spaces. They may look unwelcoming; the rooms look smaller and it doesn’t really feel like a home.

There are a few staging mistakes homeowners make and they have mostly to do with over-staging or going overboard with their efforts. Here are a few things to avoid when staging your home for sale.

• Do not decorate your home, from the foyer to the backyard, the kitchen to the bathroom. Nothing in the house should be decorated as if it is Christmas or some other festival. Do not have anything that shouldn’t be there in a home on a normal day. Do not have fancy lights. Do not have excessive flowers or any kind of organic and inorganic fixture that will make the home over-staged.

• Avoid filling up the bathtub with water, creating some bubbles and throwing in some rose petals. Do not prep the bedroom as if it is a honeymoon suite. Do not have champagne glasses or some wine on the dining table to make it look appealing. Do not have cookies baking in the oven. Even if the fragrance is enticing, the trick doesn’t really work.

• Try to keep things as minimalist and normal as possible. Leave it to the buyers to imagine what they wish to do with every wall, the living space, the deck or the yard. You don’t need to facilitate this imagination.

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