Step by Step Guide to Selling Your Home

YNM Real Estate
19 December 2021

Every sale has a process, part of which is scripted and anticipated. You cannot control the entire sales process because the agent, the buyer and other parties involved in the progression of the deal will have influencing roles. As the property owner, you should be certain of the various steps you need to take to sell your home – your real estate agent will guide you through the process and ensure every step is explained in detail.

• The first step is to decide how you would be selling your home. It may seem obvious but you must get into the details. When should you sell your home, would you buy a new home as you sell your existing property or you would move to a new house and then sell the old one? Some people decide to sell first and then look for appropriate properties to purchase, capitalising on the sale.

• The next step is to prepare your home. This can happen after you have hired a real estate agent but it is better to do it first. As you clean your home, you should de-clutter the property and identify the features that need some attending to. A real estate agent is often asked how much the property may be listed at. The agent needs to find some strong selling points in the home and an unclean or cluttered space certainly wouldn’t help in a proper assessment.

• Hire a real estate agent who is at the top of her or his game. A real estate agent must provide the legal assistance necessary for a homeowner to sell the property. From contracts to advertising, negotiations with buyers to closing the escrow, your real estate agent must offer all the help you need. There are agents who wouldn’t need you to do anything but approve and sign.

• Get a property inspector to find out if your house has any serious problems. Consider the prepping you would undertake. You can just stage your property or you could opt for a new paint, some fixtures to be replaced or some amenities to be upgraded. You may get a new roof or a renovated kitchen, a new deck or some feature that can increase the value of your home.

• With inputs from the agent and property inspector, based on the market reports and influenced by your own need for returns you should decide on a selling price. Be flexible and work with your agent to chalk out the marketing plan. Then it is all about following up and thinking on the feet as you go along.

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