Tenant Moved In: Filling Out a Condition Report

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19 December 2021

A condition report needs to be filled out by a landlord or property manager and given to a tenant at the very beginning of the tenancy. The tenant must complete the form, sign it and then return it to the landlord or property manager within a period of three days. The landlord or property manager will have up to fourteen days to study the completed form and return a copy, duly signed and with a completed report, to the tenant.

The condition report lays out the exact condition of the property at the start of the rental term, agreed upon by both parties after substantial inspection; so it is mutually accepted and this shall play a role at the end of the tenancy to decide on the refund of the lodge bond or rental bond. If everything is in an acceptable state, then the bond amount is refunded to the tenant. if not, whatever needs to be deducted for the repairs and maintenance of the property will be deducted and the remaining amount will be refunded. It is possible that the entire amount is not refunded.

Landlords are required to provide the condition report and tenants are required to submit their own report. If tenants don’t return their report then it is understood that the landlord is right and the landlord’s condition report will be considered at the time of assessing the condition at the end of the tenancy period.

Landlords should choose the Entry Condition report Form 1a for house, townhouse, unit or houseboat. Condition report Form R1 applies to rooming accommodation and Entry Condition Report Form 1b applies to moveable dwelling parks. Resources for these forms can be found on Fairtrading.nsw.gov.au

The condition report will include a description of the general condition of all rooms, fittings, fixtures and any special features that may exist. The descriptions should be as accurate as humanly possible. Multiple fixtures or amenities must be numbered, either of the same kind or different.

Landlords must fill in the condition report before the tenant has moved in. The tenant must inspect the property to see if the condition report is accurate. Wherever the tenant doesn’t agree, the issue must be raised in the report itself. A tenant may also ask the landlord to review if the issue has been agreed upon by both. Such clarifications at the outset will save time and hassle later when the rental bond amount is being refunded or otherwise. It is wise not to ignore even the minutest or most insignificant discrepancy as that can become the root of misunderstanding and grievance later.

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