The Future of the City of Botany Bay

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19 December 2021

The City of Botany Bay is poised for a major makeover. While the tectonic transformation may not happen just yet as it would take more than two decades to completely fructify, yet the initiative has been well founded to make way for a more spacious, breezier, greener and thus better tomorrow. Residents of Mascot and the Botany Bay area are in for a treat with the Botany Bay 2040 Directions Paper released by Mayor Ben Keneally. The paper illustrates the future of the City of Botany Bay featuring a massive new park that would encompass the Botany Wetlands, all the way from Gardeners Rd to Sir Joseph Banks Park.

Mascot, the administrative centre of the City of Botany Bay and a suburb of Sydney, located just 7 km from the central business district, hosts the Sydney Airport and a number of different commercial and industrial establishments. The suburb is relatively populous with more than ten thousand residents. The population is on the rise and so is the number of families dwelling in apartments. That has been taken into consideration in the vision for the future of Mascot. The Mayor has gone on record to state that the increase in the number of families living in apartments reiterate the significance of having more parks and open areas. The suburb has also witnessed a growth of interest in sports across all ages and genders and there aren’t enough sporting centers or even open parks where that can be facilitated. The grand vision is expected to cater to all of those needs, from having vast green tracts of open spaces to dedicated venues for organized sports, including netball, football and obviously rugby.

The development will also have a bearing on the real estate industry. The overdependence on Sydney and its immediately adjoining suburbs have resulted in the inflation of property prices in the recent past. 2015 has been particularly against homebuyers. Finding a real estate agent in Mascot to look for an affordable property continues to be an exercise with very little results to root for. Not many families would be able to stretch their wallets.

The future of Mascot holds promise as it can pave the way for more residential and mixed developments, which can possibly ease the stress on the existing infrastructure. With more foreign students and tourists, the naturally growing population and thus the demand in real estate, visions like the one Ben Keneally has initiated will certainly help for holistic development and not just those that are concentrated in certain pockets.

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