Things to Know When Visiting Your Next Open Home

YNM Real Estate
17 December 2021

Are you interested in viewing open homes? That’s great! An open house is a great opportunity to get a feel of the home and if it will suit your needs - however, there are a couple of etiquette rules that you should keep in mind.

Be considerate of the homeowners personal space

While an open house is a great time to have a look around at the different storage options the house has to offer, it’s important to be respectful of the homeowners space - before opening cupboards, be sure to ask the estate agent if there are any cupboards off limits or if a quick peak in the kitchen pantry is appropriate. Remember that if the homeowner is still living in the house, the bedroom closets are likely to be more personal and private.

Negative comments

It can be rude to blurt out a load of negative comments as you walk through someone else’s home. Rather keep these to yourself and have a chat with the estate agent in private if something is bothering you about that specific property - they will be able to find a more suitable listing for you to view!

Bathrooms - should you?

Most agents actually prefer it if you don’t make use of the bathroom at the open home! If you are desperate however, chat with the estate agent first - they might be able to direct you to a bathroom that you can make use of.

Ask permission before taking any pictures

Even when visiting the most shareable homes, it’s not ok to share pictures on social media without the consent and express permission of the owner. If you’re wanting to take a quick snap to remember the home or show a family member that’s ok - but be sure to chat with the estate agent first.

Check your shoes before entering the home

Before entering the house, be sure to wipe your shoes off on the door mat and to quickly check that you aren’t tracking any mud or dirt into the house. Some higher end open homes will actually provide shoe covers - the estate agent will let you know if anything special is required!

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