Things to Look For When Buying a House

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18 December 2021

When buying a home there is a lot to think about – do you buy with you head, or with your heart? The answer is – a bit of both.

If we look at the head stuff first, you need to consider primarily the location. Identify suburbs that appeal to you – affordability will be a top criterion, followed by peace and quiet, good schools, shops and a low crime rate. It is a good idea to do some research to establish whether the selected suburb has the potential for reasonable market growth.

When considering a house – check whether the house is close to facilities that are important to your and your family. Consider how far to go for shopping, to access public transport and to schools if you have school-going children. Is there a park nearby where you can exercise your dog, or play with the kids?

You will need to look at the configuration of any house that you are considering buying – does the house have the right number and layout of rooms to suit your needs, both right now as well as for the foreseeable future? How close are the bedrooms to the living rooms? You will want to avoid landing up with a house where one or more of the bedrooms are next to a room housing a TV, for example.

Do any of the bedrooms face west? Bedrooms facing west can get very warm – all times of the year, not just summer.

Ensure that you verify that any potential house purchase is structurally sound. It is a really good idea to get an independent building inspection done.

Find out whether there are any planned developments nearby. Construction sites are noisy and dusty, and while they may be completed given time – you may not want the inconvenience of living close to one even in the short term. Check with the council to find out whether there are any approvals in place or applications in the pipeline.

When looking at a property from the heart perspective – does the house have good “bones”? Layout, ceiling height, flow between the rooms and light, airy spaces? Sometimes it is really hard to nail down that indefinable aspect of a house that appeals to you – you just know it’s right for you.

Look at a prospective purchase also from the perspective of what value you can add. How can you add your own stamp to the home?

If you buy with your head as well as your heart, you can be sure that you will have a home that will provide you and your family with many happy years ahead.

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