Things to Look Out for When Maintaining Your Rental Property

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19 December 2021

As you allow tenants to live in your rental, you should expect normal wear and tear to slow down your property’s efficiency. Some pipes could get clogged, heaters could break, shrubs could grow into unruly forests, and pests could take residence.

While your tenant is liable for these to some extent, it is still your responsibility to see to it that everything is running in order. Make sure your property is always kept up to code with this list of things to look out for.

Emergency Repairs

– Sometimes, a pipe, a heating system (or any feature of your property for that matter) will have to reach breaking point before any signs of damage or destruction become apparent.

If and when an emergency repair rears its ugly head, make sure you come prepared with the appropriate response. Before you engage in a contract with your tenant, discuss with them what they should do in case of one of these incidents. It’s important that they contact you as soon as possible so that further damage can be prevented.

Another great idea, is to find local contractors upfront and have them on speed dial to assist you in case of that emergency.


– Whether it’s a pipe, a gutter, or a drainage system, it’s important to get rid of any blockages.

These could potentially destroy the internal structures of your property causing costlier damages in the future. If the tenant was responsible for the development of the problem, they should be the ones liable and in charge of expenses.


– Mould can be a very dangerous health threat for people living inside a rental property.

There are lots of different side effects, symptoms, and health problems that could occur secondary to mould, so it’s imperative that you are informed of its presence as soon as it’s detected.

Remove your tenant from the property and have professionals scout the area for mould. Make sure everything has been completely resolved before you allow your tenants to regain entry.

Top tip: be sure to do a thorough inspection of your rental property before it is leased out, and brief your tenant on the dangers of mould as well as the preventative measures that they can take to prevent the growth of it. Such as opening windows and regularly airing the bathrooms and keeping an eye out for leaky taps.

Pests – It’s ideal to perform the necessary pest inspections to keep infestations from occurring or getting worse. If the infestation was caused by your tenants’ lack of cleanliness, they should have to pay for the resolution of the pest problem. If it was because of the structure itself or the location of your property, you will be responsible for covering the costs.

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