Tips to Make Moving Less Stressful

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20 December 2021

As moving day fast approaches, so does an increase in stress and anxiety. Moving is often associated with long, strenuous hours of packing, lifting and unexpected problems, so it makes sense to get as much out of the way before the actual day and prepare for a less stressful moving day.

Moving, Stress Free

The best way to ensure a stress free experience is to plan for one in advance. Follow these tips to make sure your moving day is a stress free as possible.

Have a Free Schedule
While many of us are fans of multitasking, this shouldn't be the case on moving day. If you are moving house there should only be one thing on your calendar: Moving. Don't plan anything else for this day as you will undoubtedly cause yourself extra stress.

Remember to Eat
This is an easily over looked fact on moving day and is often not planned for. Do your best to either bring or order enough food for the day. Due to the fact that the fridge and house need to be emptied out, there aren't exactly going to be a lot of opportunities to prepare your own food. Additionally, all of the activity you will be doing during your move will keep you exhausted if you do not eat and drink properly.

Pack Everything Before Movers Arrive
The number one stressor during moving most likely comes from being ill prepared when the movers show up. Even if you are using a family friend to help you move, it is incredibly aggravating to have boxes unpacked when it's time to load up. If you cannot see yourself packaging you own belongings, hire movers to do it for you.

Clean While Packing
As you are packing up your belongings, take the opportunity to actively throw out items you don't use anymore. You don't want to take unnecessary items into your new home.

Have Enough Equipment
Running out of tape, boxes, markers and scissors is another annoying situation to avoid on moving day. Be sure to secure plenty of supplies before the actual day. Perhaps over-buy your supplies and return the items that you don't use.

As you prepare for your upcoming moving day, be sure to take a deep breath and think positively. Following these tips will help ease your mind on the big day and make sure that the whole process runs a little smoother.

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