Tips to Save Space in Apartment Living

YNM Real Estate
18 December 2021

Apartments have become the new Aussie dream. They are practical, offer you options and are the new way of living in heavily populated cities. The apartments that most people can afford and find, will be cramped for space. Most Australians living in apartments will have to save space and in order to do that one must make some space. Here are some tips to save space in apartments - by organising cleverly, being smart and thinking outside of the box!

• Have you thought about using the space under the bed? Whether you have one bedroom or two, whether you use one or both, every bed should be seen as potential storage! You may have seen those special beds with storage spaces inside. This space can be used to store pillows and blankets, bed sheets and other linen. If you have beds that are too low to offer you any access to the space underneath, get a few bed risers which will get the height you need.

• Make the most of vertical space available. Make as much use of the shoulder space, head space and all the space up to the ceiling that is realistically possible. Have bookshelves, tall cabinets, recessed furniture up to the ceiling, boxes and all light stuff stored atop cabinets or cupboards and anything that you can stack atop one another.

• Have you considered opting for portable or movable furniture? You can get beds on wheels or couches on wheels. These can be moved when you need more space.
Lastly, de-cluttered your home. The more organised you are, the more space you shall have. From old things to new, manage them well and you will have a spacious apartment. Donate whatever you cannot and wouldn’t keep.

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