Ways to Win Over a Potential Landlord

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20 December 2021

The general perception, whether true or not, is that the landlord has the upper hand in a rental transaction. Impressing the landlord right at the start is a good first step to win over your potential landlord.

Present Well

When visiting the property for the first time, remember the rule about initial impressions. Don’t change who you are but perhaps think about wearing something businesslike attire – and arrive on time.

Check Your Credit

Depending on the country you live in, you are generally entitled to one free credit report per year, with yourself as the subject. Landlords and property managers will generally check this, too, so knowing what they'll see is important.

Furthermore, being prepared will make you stand out from the vast majority of other potential renters. Having a printout of your credit report in hand, along with a list of references and some information about your job, will show that you are serious and dependable.

Don't Lie, Obfuscate, or Dissemble

Particularly if you're not habitually dishonest, it's easier than you think to spot your half-truths. If you plan to keep pets, have housemates or are a professional bagpipe player, make this clear right at the outset. If there is anything your neighbours can do which will annoy you, ask the landlord at the outset. It will seem a little petty if you start complaining about loud parties and weird smells sometime after you've moved in.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Show your desirability as a tenant through appropriate small talk. The whole conversation won't be about dollars and cents, so mention how you like to garden, how you've been with the same company for a decade, or even how much you love your mother. In general, the landlord just wants someone who will be punctual with the rent and won't wreck the property, so gently emphasize that you are that person.

Most people who make an income from renting out properties will have several stories about “the tenant from hell,” which is exactly what they'll be looking out for. Like all of us, landlords want to get their job done with a minimum of fuss and worry, and they often rely on the first 30 seconds of interaction with potential tenants to form an opinion. With only a little time and effort, you can make this initial impression a positive one. Don't expect a discount on the rent, but having a good, professional relationship with your landlord will contribute to your peace of mind for months or years to come.

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