What a Home Inspection Means - What Do They Check When Inspecting Your Potential House Purchase?

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18 December 2021
What is a home Inspection?

A home inspection is a thorough assessment of the entire property. You need to know if a property has any problems. You don’t want to move in to find a leaky roof or a burst pipe in the basement. You don’t want to see termites gorging on your furniture or mould and mildew affecting the health of your loved ones. There can be dozens of different types of problems in any property. It isn’t always the fault of any particular person. The property owner or seller may not have been aware of the problem - But those aren’t your concerns. What you should be bothered about is if you are buying a property in impeccable condition or not. Even if you are buying a property at a cheap price knowing that there are some problems, you should be aware of the issues.

A home inspection or its report will tell you if you should buy a property at all. Buying a property is a major investment. You don’t just have to pay the mortgage after you have made a substantial down payment but you also need to pay property taxes, insurance and have to attend to the unavoidable expenses from time to time, which could be buying something new for your home to attending to roofing problems, plumbing issues and more. You need to know the exact condition of the property to be certain if you should buy it.

A home inspection will also tell you if the seller or property owner has been truthful, if the claims were hyped up or if the real picture was concealed. The home inspection will also help you to determine if the price is fair. The nature of damages or problems and the repairs or upgrades they need will have a bearing on the price and you can be a better negotiator.

Everything Gets Inspected

The home inspection involves checking everything, right from the roof to the basement and the underground foundation, the drainage system to the plumbing infrastructure, the floor layouts to the building codes, the blueprint to the walls, from insulation to the electrical wiring and everything that a home has.

But as we mentioned, it really is an essential part of purchasing a home – it allows you to go into the deal fully aware of all the details of your future home.

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