What Features Are Potential Tenants Looking For?

YNM Real Estate
18 December 2021

Like homebuyers, tenants too have a list of preferences that will influence their choice. As a landlord, you need to offer as many features as possible that tenants are looking for. There are some aspects you cannot help, such as location if you already have a property. But there are some aspects that you can control. Let us explore at length the various features renters focus on.

• There are two perspectives pertaining to location. The basic objective or wish of any tenant is to live in a nice place. Ideally it should be well connected. Not every rental property will have the best of all the worlds. A waterfront property away from the transits will not be easily accessible but it will have its strengths courtesy the location. A convenient address with schools, supermarkets, bus and train routes, crèches and medical facilities will always impress more renters.

• Tenants want well maintained properties. Tenants don’t mind staying at old homes but the properties should not look and feel old. It is one thing to have an old layout or a property that dates back thirty years. If the property is clean, the fixtures are contemporary, there’s new paint and no structural damage it would be desirable.

• Maintenance is a quintessential prerequisite. All tenants want a very lucid understanding of who is responsible for what. If the tenants are responsible for certain repairs and maintenance, then they should be aware of that. The rent must consider such expenses the tenants must take care of. If the landlord will be taking care of all the repairs and maintenance, then that should be put into the agreement and the tenants must not have trouble trying to get access to the landlord. Just as a landlord wants great tenants, tenants too want a great landlord.

• Tenants look for properties and policies that suit their objectives. Some tenants want to stay at an address for a few years, some tenants would be moving in a year. They look for properties accordingly. Likewise, some tenants want more bedrooms, some want a larger living space, some will want pet friendly policies and some want generous landlords who wouldn’t cap socialising norms or how the tenant should party. Some tenants want modular kitchens while some want sprawling bathrooms. These are very important factors for many tenants.

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